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Hello, I’m Joey rippel.  Thank you for visiting my website.  I was 16, a junior in high school when I was diagnosed with cancer. I am now a 3 year survivor and am excited to say a lot of positive things have come from my journey through the cancer experience.

I founded The Rippel Effect in order to help teens who are fighting cancer.  Specifically, I hope to help teens recognize the strength they have within, so they can remain as active as possible during and after cancer treatment.

We all know being a teen is difficult enough, but try adding cancer and all its issues on top of that.  It takes a log of courage to fight the cancer, but it also takes courage to face your “normal” everyday stuff, when you know you aren’t at your best, and you aren’t quite the same person your were.

Utilizing a lot of different strategies, we hope to encourage, empower and motivate teens during and after their treatment.  We will also support and fund organizations and research studies that are working toward solutions to lessen the effect cancer and its treatment have on teens.  You can read more about this in “Who Benefits".

However, before we can help we first have to raise funds and awareness.  We started with "The Rippel Effect Project" have held two very successful golf tournaments, have been lucky enough to received an endowment from the Baxter Trust, benefited from the fund philanthropist projects of both  phi Delta Theta at Colgate University and Delta Tau Delta at Texas A&M, as well as many generous donations from family, friends and friends of friends. 

We are now part of the LiveStrong Adolescence and Young Adult Alliance.  This alliance allows us to have input into the projects and direction of research pertaining to cancer as it relates to teens and young adults.

With you help, we at The Rippel effect  would like to make life and recovery from cancer easier and faster.  Please continue to explore my site to see what this is all about and what you can do to help.

Become a part of something bigger, become part of The Rippel Effect.

  Thank you,




Thanks to our wonderful sponsors!!!

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Thanks to our wonderful sponsors!!!

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The Rippel Effect Golf Tournament 2010
June 7, 2010

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We are individuals who together make up something bigger

Our purpose is to raise funds for programs which will alleviate the struggles of teens

We are unique in that: we are not limited in the scope of services we provide to teens facing a fight against cancer

We do this because Joey wants to have a greater impact on the world than cancer had on his life and turn his experience into something positive